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The Africa pictures are great, any chance of a couple of them being turned into Wallpaper? Would love those elephants on my Desktop - Cheers.

John Brooking, Australia

Excellent site! Makes me feel like I need to do more travelling.

Lucie Cordell, USA

Love the new pictures in the Brighton Pier Gallery 3 and the Wallpapers are great, keep 'em coming

James Wilson, UK

Hello from Bournmouth.Great little site you have here.Like the photos of USA.

David, UK

Nice, very nice shots of piers !

Pascal, France

I really like the pictures of Lake Tahoe, can you publish any more?
Thanks a lot...

John Michael, USA

Hi! Nice pictures, Brighton is just great!

Michael, Switzerland layout, new links. Does Brighton a great service.!

Dave Moore, UK

I really like the pictures of the Brighton Pavilion. Can you publish some pictures of the West Pier now that it has burned down?

Steve, UK